Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heading West to go East

While I'm sure I will appreciate it on arrival, flying through "earlier" time zones away from the sun and the steady march of the clock is like being imprisoned in the same few, slow, hours.
With 27 hours of travel time to our final stop, we're even stuck inside the same day for a while.


Here's a picture of how you do it. $90.00 worth of airline snacks for a 20. Of course, now I'm just going to eat that much more on the one leg of the journey...


Current air temperature at 40k ft and 446mph, -57F. 1 hr to go...

Don't sit.

Ode to whomever was knocking on the stall door as I tried to figure out the proper use of my first squat toilet: please go away.

Ode to my first squat toilet: I'm sorry if I used you poorly. It's late in my home time zone, and I'm not sure what's going on.

Flying in the dark

Halfway through the night-time flight from Japan to Thailand: the number of stars visible outside our window is amazing. I only ever need to fly at night if over water.